Understanding the Jewish world

The training program “Understanding the Jewish world” was created several years ago by the Fondation for the Memory of the Shoah (FMS). It is a result of an empirical study on school curricula and books and on interviews with representatives of various occupational categories of National Education in France.

The program is designed for National Education and Higher Education employees in France: school inspectors and future inspectors, National Education senior administrators, French university and Higher Education officials.

It can also be adapted to other socio-professional groups: health workers, politicians, journalists, …

The study showed both the lack of consistent references of “Jewish life” in National Education and Higher Education programs, and the educational community’s ignorance regarding the “Jewish world”.

The training program in Israel, established and directed by Gérard Rabinovitch (IEEL) and Florence Heymann (CRFJ), uses a historical approach and teaches Jewish fundamentals and culture. It is designed as a discovery of the Jewish World and the Israeli reality, in extension of academic training. Its purpose is to give National and Higher Education administrators better training and better “field” contact, so they would be able to guide and coach middle and high school teachers how to treat topics related to the “Jewish World” and “Understanding Israel.”

The conference program is provided by Francophone Israeli scholars and French scholars living in Israel: historians, sociologists and anthropologists, linguists, philosophers, art specialists (literature and musicology).

In this program:

  • plenary conferences program taking place at the French Research Center in Jerusalem (CRFJ).
  • visiting tours across Israel
  • meetings with Israeli professionals in connection with the Training thematic.

The next training session will take place in December 2015

Information: direction(at)aiu.org